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Teachers' Demonstration In Tehran... 21/04/1961 History, #Baharestan, #Mohammad_Derakhshesh, #Tehran

The teachers of Tehran took their voices of discontent to the streets and staged a public demonstration in the historical Baharestan Square where the parliament is located. But things became ugly when the police attacked the demonstrators in order to disperse them. The Baharestan Square soon became stage of shootings and bloodshed. A teacher was killed and many others wounded. The incident triggered other demonstrations in Tehran and led to many activist teachers being arrested. To avoid a general strike and a nationwide protest, the government was dismissed and the cabinet of ministers changed. Mohammad Derakhshesh, one of the leaders of the teachers' protest became the minister of culture. Teachers' salaries were raised immediately and the chief of the Baharestan police headquarters was arrested. April, 21 has been named the teacher's day ever since....

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