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Bomb Explosion In Imam Reza Shrine... 20/06/1994 History, #Ashura, #Forouhar, #Imam, #Imam_Reza, #Imam_Reza_shrine, #MKO, #Mashhad, #Pakistan, #President, #Rafsanjani, #Shiite

A bomb exploded at the Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad killing 24 and injuring another 70 persons. The bomb went off in a prayer hall of the shrine during Ashura ceremonies.
Imam Reza is the 8th of the 12 Imams that make the backbone of the Shiite faith. The attack was quickly blamed on the outlaw MKO terrorist group and an unverified declaration by MKO stated that the bombing was carried out to commemorate the anniversary of the group's foundation on June 20, 1981.
In March 27, 1995 Pakistan reported having identified a religious fanatic who was responsible for the massive bomb explosion at the shrine.
Some years later, findings revealed traces of Saeed Emami, a leading information officer for the ministry of information in the incident. Emami was arrested and charged with some similar events including assassination of dissident leaders including Forouhar. But his mysterious death or suicide in prison left many questions unanswered. Emami's team was quickly labeled as enemy infiltrators.
Same year, an attempt on President Rafsanjani's life was reported in February....

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