Khosrau Parviz Attacks Romans

Khosrau Parviz Attacks Romans... 12/07/605 History, #Armenia, #Constantinople, #Iranian, #Khosrau, #Khosrau_Parviz, #Parviz, #Roman, #Syria, #Taurus, #Tisfun

Less than three years after the Roman emperor Maurice was killed on his way to Tisfun in order to get help from the Iranian king, by an order from Khosrau Parviz, Iranian army units advanced from Southwest and Southeast towards East Roman Empire territory. Units of these two army columns conquered Armenia and Syria and passed through Taurus mountains towards Constantinople. Khosrau started the war to avenge Maurice's death which was named an unnecessary war that devastated both Roman and Iranian empires thus paving the way for the Caliphates to defeat both nations....

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