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Karimkhan Zand Rejects Russia's Alliance Offer... 27/11/1770 History, #Basra, #Dutch, #Iran, #Karimkhan, #Nader_Shah, #Ottomans, #Persian, #Persian_Gulf, #Russia, #Russian, #Shah, #Shiraz, #Tsar, #Vakil, #Zand

Karimkhan Zand accepts five envoys delivering Russian Tsar's message with the news that Russian naval forces had just defeated the Ottomans. The envoys were offering an alliance with Iran against Ottomans. However, to their surprise Karimkhan frowned and replied that other nations' defeat would not make him happy. On their return, the Russian envoy told Tsar to forget about alliance with Karimkhan because he was not an ordinary politician. Karimkhan defeated Ottomans twice in Basra and forced the Dutch out of Persian Gulf islands. He did not want to be called king despite the fact that he was from a noble family. He was the leader of the Zand tribe that took over after Nader Shah's assassination in 1747. He frequently participated in public ceremonies and had food with ordinary people. The Vakil bazaar and mosque in Shiraz are considered his monuments during 30 years of reign....

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