Last Revolt Against Dariush Silenced

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A rebel leader in Margiana named Frada was the last one to be taken care of in a series of revolts against Dariush the Great. Because Margiana was not a very important part of the Achaemenid Empire, no action was undertaken until the end of the spring of 521 when the Medes had been defeated. In July the Parthian rebellion had been suppressed.
Dariush sent his loyal commander Dadarshi of Bactria to suppress the revolt. Dadarshi defeated Frada after a long march of 300 km through the desert of Karakum.
This was the last of 19 revolts in the same year that started the reign of Dariush. A version of Behistun Inscription text in Aramaic states 55.423 Margians were killed and 6.972 taken captive in the battle.
King Dariush states in the Bisotoun Inscription which was made immediately after the above mentioned events: The province called Margiana revolted against me. A certain Margian named Frada they made their leader. Then sent I against him a Persian named Dadarshi, my servant, who was satrap of Bactria, and I said unto him: 'Go smite that host which does not acknowledge me.' Then Dadarshi went forth with the army, and gave battle to the Margians. Ahouramazda brought me help; by the grace of Ahouramazda my army utterly overthrew that rebel host. Of the twenty-third day of the month Achiyadia (December 28, 521) was the battle fought by them....

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