Death Decree For Rushdie

Death Decree For Rushdie... 14/02/1989 History, #Ayatollah, #Ayatollah_Khomeini, #Bombay, #England, #Khomeini, #Quran, #Salman_Rushdie, #Satanic_Verses

Ayatollah Khomeini issues a fatwa calling for death of Salman Rushdie after he published a book called The Satanic Verses in which he allegedly mocks Quran. Khomeini's decree backfires, bringing much fame and fortune to the Bombay born English writer who met with president Clinton at the white house in 1993 and was honored by the Queen of England with knighthood in 2007. On the other hand Rushdie found lots of support from intellectuals all around the world although his book was a poorly written fiction according to many critiques....

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