Mazdak Announces His Socialism Doctrine

Mazdak Announces His Socialism Doctrine... 21/11/488 History, #Avesta, #Ghobad, #Marx, #Mazdak, #Mazdakism, #Socialism, #Zand, #Zoroastrian

Mazdak, son of Bamdad who was a Zoroastrian priest started preaching his doctrines also known as Mazdakism which is believed to be the first form of socialism (communalism and populism) 1360 years before Marx published his famous manifest. Mazdak believed in equal rights among human beings and that tools of production and land should be made public. As he based his ideas on writings in Avesta and Zand, he soon found many followers among ordinary people, even from the elite including king Ghobad. This in turn made the leaders of the feudalist society angry where social, religious, and political ranks were the base for exploiting people and Mazdakism was rattling their source of power. They staged several conspiracies that consequently led to one of the bloodiest genocides in human history that continued until their total elimination in 528 AD....

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