The Fall Of The Peacock Throne -- Iran

The Fall Of The Peacock Throne -- Iran... 11/07/2013 News

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Defeat Makes Us Invincible

In the days of Cyrus and Darius, nothing, it seemed, could stop the powerful and confident Persians. In most of the centuries since Alexander, the Iranians have had to accept military defeat and try to turn it into cultural victory, usually with remarkable success. A few years after Genghis Khan conquered and razed Iran, for example, his descendants had been converted into thoroughly Persian poets and calligraphers. "We were invaded by Greeks, Arabs, Mongols, and Turks, but we did not lose our originality," former Prime Minister Jamshid Amuzegar pointed out to me in a thoughtful discussion of Iran's past. "In Persia, the Bedouins found a richer culture than their own, and the Persians recognized that this more powerful enemy could not be annihilated. So we assimilated him." A wry Persian proverb says: "Defeat makes us invincible." ...

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