Deletefacebook: How to delete all Facebook wall posts from your timeline

Deletefacebook: How to delete all Facebook wall posts from your timeline ... 23/03/2018 Internet-IT

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DeleteFacebook ? Not so easy!
Unfortunately, Facebook does not provide a way to delete all your activity at once. For that you need to install a script.
The following process describes how to bulk delete posts from your Facebook timeline.
July 2017: Some users were getting a “minified” version of the script, which would not work correctly – this should now be resolved. When installing the script in step 3 you should see exactly the same prompt as shown. Tested and confirmed working with Mac OS and Windows 10.
June 2017: Facebook changes broke the original tool. Script has been refreshed to work again.
Please note: will not be held liable for any data loss caused by these instructions (deleting posts etc). Use at YOUR OWN risk.
The script should not unfriend any of your friends, or delete any of your uploaded images or videos – however Facebook regularly changes which may change what this tool does.
There may be some posts left over due to Facebooks’ ‘Older posts’ feature hiding these posts. To be certain that all posts have been removed I suggest that after the tool has completed you repeat step 4 ensure the timeline is completely cleared.
It’s also worth noting that the Facebook data is stored on multiple servers. So it may take several days, or weeks for the information to be completely removed. So some of your friends might see posts that you have deleted until all servers know that you have chosen for it to be deleted.
To complete this process, you will need to use
the Firefox browser
the Greasemonkey addon
and the Timeline Cleaner for Facebook script (instructions below)
Step 1: Install Firefox
If you don’t already have the Firefox browser installed, you can install it here: /
Step 2: Install the Greasemonkey addon
With Firefox open, go to: /
Click on the ‘Add to Firefox’ and follow the prompts to install Greasemonkey.
Step 3: Install the Facebook Timeline Cleaner script
With Firefox open, click on ‘Install this script’ below and follow the prompts to install the script.
Install this script

Step 4: Open your Facebook Activity Log and start the delete process
With Firefox open, open your Facebook profile (click on your name at the top right of the page) then click on the ‘View Activity Log’ button

You should see the following at the top of the page, if you do not press F5 on your keyboard to refresh the page
Leave ‘Auto-scroll’ enabled
tick ‘Run’
and choose the a day range that you want to delete (optional – depending on the next step)
Now using the ‘Privacy Extension’ button on the right, select what you want to do – for example, ‘Delete everything older than X Days’
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