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Cuisine to dialect, Iranian influence continues to hold sway over Hyderabad ... 01/11/2017 Cuisine

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HYDERABAD: Modern Hyderabad would have been different but for the Qutub Shahis. Right from the cuisine to unique styles of architecture, culture and traditions to language and dialect, and administration to sociological conditions - all bear the semblance of the medieval Iran on the Qutub Shahi Hyderabad. The Qutub Shahi dynasty may have been disbanded three centuries ago, but sociocultural and food traditions the founders of Hyderabad had left behind continue to influence the lives of modern Hyderabadis in one way or the other.
City historian, researcher and author Dr Muhammad Abdul Nayeem had brought to the fore several unknown and rare facets of the relations between the Safavid dynasty of medieval Iran and the Deccan Sultanates including the Qutub Shahis. In a first of its kind research publication, Dr Nayeem had dwelt in detail about the culture, traditions, arts, crafts, architecture, economics and administration of Iran and how the Safavid Sultans had influenced the rulers in Hyderabad and elsewhere in the Deccan, five centuries ago.
"The Iranian heritage, race and creed of the Qutub Shahi rulers and the nobility had a profound bearing on the daily life, court life, administrative system, socio-economic conditions and the art and architecture developed at Golconda and Hyderabad. The bulk of the immigrant (afaqi) nobility and ministerial staff, brought with them to their new home (Hyderabad), as model, the type of administration, social and cultural traditions which had long been prevalent in their native places of Iran," Dr Nayeem pointed out in his latest book, "Safavid Iran and the Deccan Sultanates". The book was released recently by Mohammad Haghbin Ghomi, consul-general of Islamic Republic of Iran.
According to Dr Nayeem, the Qutub Shahi system of government became more or less replica of the Iranian system, from the theory of kingship to the nomenclature of institutions and officers, court etiquette and army organisation.Every detail of Qutub Shahi organisation breathed the Iranian atmosphere.
Stating that nearly two centuries of Bahmani rule in the Deccan had implanted firmly the Iranian style of architecture, Dr Nayeem said next to the Bijapur style, the GolcondaHyderabad or Qutub Shahi style is the most powerful medium of Indo-Iranian architecture.Despite the Iranian influence, the Qutub Shahis succeeded in creating a very distinct style of their own. "Qutub Shahi builders tried to adopt some novelty in their plans and layout as is evidence from palace remains at Golconda and remarkable layout of Hyderabad," he added.
He said during the Bahmani period (1347-1532) there was a great influx of foreign immigrants to the Deccan from Iran, Turkistan, Arabia, Africa and Iraq. They were generously welcomed by the Bahmani rulers and were patronized for their learning and cultural activities. By the time the Qutub Shahi kingdom was founded in first quarter of the 16th century the demographic structure of the Golconda consisted of several hundreds of Iranian immigrants, Dr Nayeem added.
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