Surgeons from Pakistan, Iran perform successful Liver Transplantations

Surgeons from Pakistan, Iran perform successful Liver Transplantations ... 07/05/2017 Health

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May 7, 2017
By: Samaa Web Desk
KARACHI: Six patients including two children aged three and 13 years with liver failure received a new lease of life here as they were successfully operated upon by a team of surgeons from Iran and Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT).
SIUT sources sharing details of the transplantations with the media said, a team of surgeons from Ibne Sina center of Shiraz (Iran), currently visiting SIUT, under the auspices of MESOT (Middle East Society of Organ Transplantation) joined SIUT surgeons in the crucial procedure.
It was mentioned that Shiraz Centre of Transplantation was one of the largest liver transplant centers in the region.
In reply to a question, they said visit of surgeons from Ibn-e-Sina Center to SIUT was also a part of collaborative program between the two medical institutions.
This is part of a regular feature which was organized and aimed at sharing expertise and enhance professional skills of professionals, they elaborated. “So far, 15 living donor liver transplants have been carried out successfully under this initiative,” they said.
To another query, they said all the donors were close blood relatives of the recipients. They reminded that “Living” donor of liver transplant can fulfill the need of only a small portion of liver patients.
An estimated 100,000 liver transplants are required every year and this can only be achieved through deceased organ donation where the patients dying in ICU on ventilators can donate kidneys and liver after family’s consent.
Deceased organ donation can save up to 200,000 patients of end stage organ failure every year.
Prof. Dr. Adib-ul-Hasan Rizvi commenting on the situation said unless people pledge their organ during their life time, we will not be able to save these patients.
The SIUT had earlier performed liver transplants from three deceased organ donors saving the lives of six patients of end stage organ failure. AGENCIES
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