Turn your Persian texts into speech

Turn your Persian texts into speech ...
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News ID: 3711615 - Tue 12 July 2016 - 15:19
TEHRAN, Jul. 12 (MNA) – Iranian researchers have developed a Persian text-to-speech software that is able to read texts with a natural human voice.
The software called ‘Ariana’ has been developed at ASR Gooyesh Pardaz knowledge-based company, a pioneer in Persian speech technologies. Ariana is the first efficient software for converting text to speech in Persian language, and is able to read the text naturally thanks to the use of voices of professional TV and radio broadcasters.
Ariana in combination with a screen-reader software such as Jaws aids people with a range of reading difficulties to interact with computer efficiently and also read e-books, emails, news and websites comfortably. Also, if you are not a Persian speaker and are wondering how a particular text sounds like in Persian, this software is for you. A free version of the software is available here if you are curious about how it works.
Ariana can also help the companies that offer information services to convert text information into speech, and saves time and money.
The software which was originally designed for the visually impaired was unveiled last month.
The company has also developed other Persian speech software including 'Nevisa' as the first Persian speech dictation software, 'Niusha' as the first computer-telephony (CT) system in Persian, 'Shenasa' a speaker recognition system, and 'Kara', a voice command recognition software that enables users to run and control their software installed on the personal computers.
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