Iran sinks France 6-0 at World Schools Championship Futsal 2016

Iran sinks France 6-0 at World Schools Championship Futsal 2016 ... 06/04/2016 Sports

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World Schools Championship Futsal 2016 began in Porec, Croatia, on April 3, 2016, and will finish on April 10.

* * * Young Iranian futsal players have registered their second glorious victory at World Schools Championship Futsal 2016 in Croatia, thrashing the French squad by a six-goal margin.
On Tuesday morning, East Azarbaijan outfit, which is representing the Islamic Republic of Iran in the 8-day-long tournament, chalked up a remarkable 6-0 win against France in a Group D played at Intersport 2 Sports Hall in the western Croatian resort town of Porec.
The Iranian futsal players had defeated Croatia 2 team 2-0 in their opening match the previous day.
They are scheduled to play against Belgium FL in their third group stage encounter of the competition later on Tuesday.
Iran has joined Belgium FL, Croatia 2, Cyprus, France, and Kosovo in Group D of the World Schools Championship Futsal 2016.
While Austria, Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Serbia form Group A, Belgium FC, England, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey are put in Group B. Group C consists of Bulgaria, China, Croatia 1, Georgia, Israel and the Netherlands.
World Schools Championship Futsal 2016 started in Porec, Croatia, on April 3, and will conclude on April 10.

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