Following Chemical Attacks, Iranian medical delegation dispatched to Taze, Iraq

Following Chemical Attacks, Iranian medical delegation dispatched to Taze, Iraq... 13/03/2016 News

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Baghdad, March 13, IRNA- Iranian medical delegation consisting of nine experts started working in Kirkuk
following Daesh's shocking chemical attacks on Iraq.
In the wake of these chemical attacks on Taze last Tuesday, which shocked Iraqi leaders, Iranian medical delegation entered Kirkuk in the North of Iraq on Saturday and started medical examinations and conducted biopsy on victims.
Turkmen member of the Council of Representatives of Iraq, Memari Niaz Oqloo said that 400 people were injured 15 of which are in serious conditions.
Confirming a two-year-old girl's death named Fatemeh Samir, he said that Daesh has targeted civilians shooting Katyusha rocket containing chlorine and Mustard gas to a residential area.
Former Prime Minister of Iraq and the secretary-general of the Islamic Dawa Party, Nouri al-Maliki regarded Daesh's action as a war crime and requested Iraqi government to employ necessary measures to stop these attacks.
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