About us: Parseed Web

About us: Parseed Web ...
parseed.ir 30/12/2014 Commercial

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About Parseed: Because we exist and we do not as 1 = !0 (read one equals not zero)
To cherish every day of our lives as a precious treasure is the key to eternal happiness, and this is the school of thought that gives life some meaning. The same idea is the essence of existence and the philosophy behind a batch of text, media, and inter-related links that you observe on Parseed. An intelligent system takes in this incredible sea of zeros and ones which is known as the Binary System in Computing Terminology and produces searchable statistics, information and opinions in co-relation with the World Wide Web aka internet.
We promote Persian culture through Iranian history and legends such as Khayyam who has been influencing humanity for hundreds of years: If you're filled with love and spending time with lover, then be happy. As the inevitable end is non-existence, then make the best of your existence.

Our world is destined to end and life is a path full of questions, secrets, intrigues and miracles taking our minds away from the reality of being which indeed is not-being. The constant struggle between light and darkness, sometimes becomes so confusing that it's difficult to know right from wrong. You cannot easily tell the sunset from sunrise from an image. We need more data to distinguish good from bad alongside scales of measurement. In the binary system, neither 0 nor 1 is bad as one's existence is dependent on the other. Here, at Parseed: the measure of good, better and best is simply the number of visitors. What remains is goodness.
Parseed provides the base for some of our key marketing concepts, tools and strategies such as:
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Please contact us for more info@
Live prosperously,
Mir Masood Hosseini


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