Excavations reveal rich prehistoric culture in Tape Sabz

Excavations reveal rich prehistoric culture in Tape Sabz ...
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Excavations reveal rich prehistoric culture
TEHRAN, Oct. 26 (MNA) – Archeological excavations in Tape Sabz (Green Hill) in southern Iran have revealed rich culture in prehistory.
Nowrouz Rajabi, an archeologist and researcher, said that the excavations sought to readjust the scope of archeological site and tomographic search to find cultural and settlement cycles in the hill and to review cultural cycles in Fars highlands especially Marvdasht alluvial plain during third to first millennia BC. “The excavation is a joint venture by Cultural Heritage Research Center and Islamic Azad University, Marvdasht Branch,” he added.
“Three excavation projects within the site and outside it exactly in part of the hill which has been cleared, revealed relics of invaluable culture of prehistoric times which necessitates the readjustment of the scope of the site and the hill,” said Rajabi, “a delve deep into the site to understand better the cultural cycles of the hill (tomographic delve) has so far uncovered priceless relics tracing back to third to first millennia.”
Rajabi attached importance to “these cultural relics,” since they would help solve the historical problem of stratification of Fars especially of Marvdasht alluvial plain in Elamite period. “The first outcome of significance is that the intact part of the hill houses cultural relics of new Elamite period (second half of first millennium BC) and of third millennium BC,” said lecturer of Marvdasht Branch.
“Since Elamite period, only during Islamic period, the hill served as cemetery; our excavations revealed that the hill continued to serve as cemetery even in contemporary period; digging graves displaced the order of layers where Elamite eras piled up,” Rajabi detailed.
“The research project is also an attempt on paleozoology and paleobotany in addition to study of ancient culture,” Rajabi said, who supervises jointly with Ebrahim Qezelbash, Cultural Heritage Research Center fellow, over the project, which Rajabi hopes, “to provide archeologists with deeper insights into the Elamite period and cultural cycles in Fars highlands and Marvdasht alluvial plain.”
Green Hill is located southwest of Marvdasht, 3 kilometers from the confluence of Kor and Sivand rivers. The hill was first discovered by James Bachelor Sumner in 1972 with more than 12 hectares of area. The buildings of brick kilns and subsequent excavation to provide the industry with soil severely damaged the area; with growing of Marvdasht and constructions in the hill contributing more to the process of destruction of the hill; now barely a hectare of the site survives. In Sumner’s writings, the hill had lent historical value for hosting cultural layers of third to first millennia.

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