Steel Earrings Necklace Set

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Earrings Necklace,Stainless Steel Half Set,Golden Half Set,Silver Half Set,-0.1612202172737757,-0.9312174114689393,-0.49828895693485525,-0.5785837923908456,-0.01244888269570552,Valentines Gift

Jewelry Set Catalog

Spec Available
Black 50 *
Golden 171 *
Jeweled Silver 0 *
Rainbow 74 *
Silver 130 *
With Chain 296 *
Without Chain 1 *
Angel Wings 4 *
Ballerina 7 *
Boy Girl 5 *
Cross 14 *
Crown -1 *
Dragonfly 4 *
Eiffel 2 *
Evil Eye -1 *
Fereshteh 21 *
Flower 1 *
Forever 2 *
Gucci -1 *
Guitar 1 *
Hair Dryer 1 *
Heartbeat 23 *
Hearty 41 *
Kitty 6 *
Letter A 10 *
Letter D 2 *
Letter E 2 *
Letter F 0 *
Letter H -1 *
Letter K 3 *
Letter M 16 *
Letter R 2 *
Letter Z 1 *
Love 15 *
Madar 2 *
Moon 2 *
Moon Star 17 *
Owl 3 *
Parvaneh 46 *
Setareh 22 *
Snake 2 *
Snow 5 *
Sol Note 1 *
Triangle 2 *
Versace 0 *

Inventory Details:

Specs Available
Crown,Golden,With Chain-1
Golden,Heartbeat,With Chain2
Golden,With Chain19
Cross,Golden,With Chain9
Golden,Sol Note,With Chain1
Dragonfly,Golden,With Chain0
Golden,Snake,With Chain2
Golden,Guitar,With Chain1
Golden,Letter M,With Chain16
Golden,Moon Star,With Chain3
Boy Girl,Golden,With Chain1
Golden,Letter A,With Chain1
Golden,Letter F,With Chain0
Golden,Versace,With Chain0
Angel Wings,Golden,With Chain4
Golden,Snow,With Chain1
Golden,Letter R,With Chain1
Golden,Letter Z,With Chain0
Golden,Letter K,With Chain3
Golden,Letter D,With Chain1
Golden,Letter E,With Chain0
Golden,Hair Dryer,With Chain1
Ballerina,Golden,With Chain-2
Eiffel,Golden,With Chain1
Golden,Moon,With Chain1
Golden,Gucci,With Chain-1
Golden,Without Chain4
Golden,Letter H,Without Chain-1
Forever,Golden,With Chain-1
Golden,Hearty,With Chain9
Golden,Hearty,Without Chain-1
Fereshteh,Golden,With Chain-1
Golden,Parvaneh,With Chain5
Golden,Madar,With Chain2
Golden,Setareh,With Chain12
Golden,Setareh,Without Chain-1
Heartbeat,Silver,With Chain16
Owl,Silver,With Chain2
Cross,Silver,With Chain2
Dragonfly,Silver,With Chain5
Love,Silver,With Chain13
Moon Star,Silver,With Chain13
Boy Girl,Silver,With Chain1
Letter A,Silver,With Chain6
Silver,Snow,With Chain2
Letter D,Silver,With Chain1
Letter E,Silver,With Chain2
Ballerina,Silver,With Chain10
Eiffel,Silver,With Chain1
Forever,Silver,With Chain1
Hearty,Silver,With Chain9
Kitty,Silver,With Chain-1
Parvaneh,Silver,With Chain18
Setareh,Silver,With Chain6
Heartbeat,Rainbow,With Chain1
Owl,Rainbow,With Chain1
Rainbow,With Chain-4
Cross,Rainbow,With Chain1
Dragonfly,Rainbow,With Chain-1
Evil Eye,Rainbow,With Chain-1
Flower,Rainbow,With Chain1
Lion and Sun,Rainbow,With Chain-1
Boy Girl,Rainbow,With Chain3
Letter A,Rainbow,With Chain3
Rainbow,Snow,With Chain2
Letter R,Rainbow,With Chain1
Letter Z,Rainbow,With Chain1
Ballerina,Rainbow,With Chain-1
Moon,Rainbow,With Chain1
Hearty,Rainbow,With Chain16
Kitty,Rainbow,With Chain6
Fereshteh,Rainbow,With Chain14
Parvaneh,Rainbow,With Chain9
Rainbow,Setareh,With Chain4
Black,Heartbeat,With Chain4
Black,With Chain-2
Black,Cross,With Chain2
Black,Triangle,With Chain2
Black,Love,With Chain2
Black,Moon Star,With Chain1
Black,Forever,With Chain2
Black,Hearty,With Chain8
Black,Kitty,With Chain1
Black,Fereshteh,With Chain8
Black,Parvaneh,With Chain14
Black,Setareh,With Chain1

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