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Iran joins top five countries producing magnesium ... 19/05/2014 Science

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ISFAHAN, May 18 (MNA) – A company of Isfahan Science and Technology Town has produced pure magnesium; operated the first magnesium production unit.

Mehdi Kashmiri, head of Isfahan Science and Technology Town said that magnesium was the 8th most abundant element in the earth's crust and third most abundant element in seas. “With a density two third of density of aluminum, magnesium is the lightest metal in the world as well,” he added.

“The pure magnesium is a perfect oxidizer, widely used in production of uranium, zirconium, and titanium,” he said and that “magnesium alloys enjoy good properties such as low density, high resistance to corrosion, and strength, making it the best candidate in missile, airplane, and automotive industries.”
Kashmiri also said that with abundant raw material and ever-increasing application in aluminum, oil and gas, and space industries, the technical now-how of the metal production had found strategic importance.

“The research phase of the production was launched in 2009, with the first assembly line starting operation in 2011 by the engineers of the Town,” he asserted. “In 2013, the technology was already 100 per cent indigenous,” he said, adding that the knowledge to produce the metal is in monopoly of Canada, China, the US, Russia, and Japan.

“In 2010, the knowledge-based company Modern Material Reduction designed the assembly line for magnesium production, which started operation in 2012,” he went on to say. “The assembly line consisted of furnace, vacuum system, and the reduction reactor. It is more energy-efficient; improves the reaction synthetically; transfers mass better; and has longer life compared to foreign imported models,” Kashmiri said.

He also added that the current line reduced the production cycle up to 6 hours, thus increasing performance and energy efficiency.

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