Nosratoddin Shah Yahya Is Born

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Mozaffarid ruler Nosratoddin Shah Yahya was born on May, 29, 1343 (Muharram, 4, 744 LH). He was a nephew of Shah Shoja.
Although he was only 15 when Shah Shoja ascended the Mozaffarid throne in 1358, he was put in prison for some time. After his release, he proved to be a capable warrior and conquered Yazd. He revolted several times against his uncle, each time ending up with defeat.
Before dying in 1384, Shah Shoja appointed his son Zeynolabedin as his successor but he left Yazd to Shah Yahya. Unhappy with the arrangements, Shah Yahya marched towards Fars where he was defeated again. A peace agreement was followed between cousins after which Shah Yahya began spending most of his time in Isfahan. It is not quite clear why citizens of Isfahan did not like Shah Yahya and forced him to leave the city.
Shah Yahya then marched against his other cousin Emadoddin Ahmad who was appointed by his uncle as the governor of Kerman. In a battle that ensued on April, 23, 1390, he was defeated and retreated to Yazd.
When he heard that Teimur captured Fars, he rushed to Shiraz and offered his allegience to the conquerer. He was then appointed as the governor of Fars and agreed to pay an annual tribute to the Teimurid ruler.
Shah Mansour began a campaign against Teimurid rule and expelled Shah Yahya from Shiraz , but failed to take Isfahan back.
A strange alliance was then formed between Zeynolabedin, Shah Yahya and Emadoddin Ahmad against Shah Mansour. The alliance proved to be unstable, however, and when they met Shah Mansour's army at Furg, Shah Yahya failed to show and Emadoddin Ahmad quickly retreated. The latter met Shah Mansour again, this time at Fasa, but lost and was captured in Ray. He was blinded and imprisoned. Shah Mansour then approached Kerman, where Sultan Ahmad and Shah Yahya had gone after the events at Furg. He offered a common alliance against Teimur, but was rebuffed and thereafter returned to Shiraz.
Teimur, who while campaigning elsewhere took note of these events, decided in 1392 that a campaign against Shah Mansour was in order. Shah Mansour gained the Sarbadar Muluk as his ally; Muluk was sent to defend Kashan and the Mozaffarid northern front. By March 1393 Teimur had advanced down to Shushtar and Dezful, installing a Sarbadar as governor there. He also freed Emadoddin Ahmad from imprisonment. Shah Mansour fled Shiraz, but then turned around and met Teimur's forces. With an army weakened by desertions, he fought bravely but was forced to retreat. Attempting to reach Shiraz, he was captured by forces of Shahrokh Mirza and was decapitated. The other Mozaffarid princes then again swore allegiance to Teimur. They were received honorably by the conqueror, but on May, 22, 1393 in Qumisha all of them including Shah Yahya were executed. Only Zeinolabedin and Sultan Shibli (another son of Shah Shoja) survived the purge; they were sent to Samarkand....

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