The Battle Of Aslandooz

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The Battle of Aslandooz took place between the invading Russian and the Iranian army in Aslandooz, north of the Aras River on Oct, 31, 1812.
Russians wanted British mediation to make peace with Iran while keeping Caucasian territories taken from Iran. Some agents in the corrupt Qajar Royal Court had already been bribed to lobby for this demand.
Prince Abbas Mirza, the head of the Iranian army vigorously opposed such an infamous deal; thus in order to face several Russian incursions moved his troops from Tabriz to Nakhjevan and earned some victories. However, the Iranian army only relied on foreign aid technologically, and British officers were supervising the Iranian army. Qajars ruled Iran khanate style and they lacked visions of infrastructure and modernization of the society. On the other hand, Russia was living its glorious days enjoying merits of the Industrial Revolution in Europe.
On Oct, 31, 1812, Russian cavalry swiftly stormed the Persian Army camp backed by modern artillery and conscription and dispersed Abbas Mirza's numerically superior forces pushing them to the other side of the Aras River. Meanwhile, there was great pressure from the Qajar court to end the war and there was a disagreement between commanders on continuing the battle. On top of that, news of Turcoman incursions in Khorasan somehow forced the incompetent Fathali Shah to sign a peace treaty....

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