Afshin Wins Battle Of Anzen

Afshin Wins Battle Of Anzen... 21/07/838 History, #Abbasi, #Afshin, #Amorium, #Anatolia, #Anzen, #Battle_of_Anzen, #Byzantine, #Dazimon, #Iran, #Motasem, #Revolution

After the Byzantine emperor Theophilus launched an attack against a number of Abbasi fortresses, Al-Motasem launched a well planned response. General Afshin defeated Theophilus on July 21, 838 at the Battle of Anzen at Dazimon with an army of 50,000 men. From there they advanced on the stronghold of Amorium, the largest city in Anatolia at the time, Spies informed the Caliph that one section of Amorium's wall was only a frontal facade. By concentrating bombardment here, Motasem captured the city.
However, Afshin’s star declined when he was arrested with charges of conspiracy against Motasem who had a special prison built for Afshin known as "The Pearl" and was in the shape of a minaret. There he spent the final nine months of his life and died in 841 at the time when the Red Revolution was spreading across Iran....

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