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The Toodeh Party had lost popular ground among people, however the central government was very weak; Bayat's cabinet fell after 4 months in April, 1945. Hakimi's cabinet lasted for only 20 days and PM Sadr had to resign after 4 months. People were hungry and jobless, and the Toodeh Party propaganda promised jobs for workers and land for farmers. In August, a group of farmers and peasants were ignited to confiscate land in Lighvan village near Tabriz leading to clashes among civilians that ended with death of a land owner and some of his aids on Friday, Aug, 10.
On Aug, 26 militia partisans armed by the Red Army occupied the police headquarters in Tabriz and cut communication lines with Tehran. Russian authorities did not let Iranian armed forces leave their garrisons and intervene. In less than two weeks, public offices in the cities of Chaloos, Sari, Shahi and Babol were occupied by Toodeh militia who had also taken control of railway stations alongside Bandar Gaz and Bandar Shah harbors.
Following these bitter incidents, for which the government could do nothing, demonstrations were totally banned in Tehran and some other provinces where government was still powerful. After several complaints, a state delegate, headed by army General Amanollah Jahanbani was deployed to Azerbaijan in order to find a solution. But negotiations between General Jahanbani and political and military representatives of the Soviet Union ended without any result. The Soviets did not want to leave Iran before separating Azerbaijan. No other political activities other than that of the Toodeh party were permitted to operate in north and any residence was crushed brutally by the militia partisans....

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