Mohammad Reza Crowns Himself

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On his 47th birthday, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi crowns himself after 26 years of reign. It's not clear what his purpose was. Most likely, he wanted to introduce his son from Queen Farah Pahlavi as the crown prince. The coronation ceremony was an expensive one. World's most famous jewelers from France and Italy had been given orders months before the event which took place at the Salam Hall of the Golestan Palace. The hall was redecorated for this purpose. Shah personally placed his 3,755-jewel crown on his own head. Queen's crown adorned with most precious jewels was made by the world famous Cartier. The event was televised around the world.
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was a puppet king brought to power by a CIA backed coup in 1953 and lacked popularity. He married Farah in 1959 in hopes of having a son as the prince. An assassination attempt against Shah in 1965 probably was another motive for this coronation ceremony. Farah gave birth to Crown Prince Reza seven years ago.
Iran withheld nothing in its clamorous celebration of the event, which was to last for seven days and seven nights. Planes bombed Tehran with 17,532 roses:one for every day of Shah's life. Cannons pounded out a 101-gun salute. The Tehran Symphony Orchestra played a new coronation hymn. A million dollars worth of fireworks rocketed through the night sky....

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