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During a visit to Turkey, Reza Shah became interested in opening a similar institution to the Anatolia news agency. That's how Pars News Agency came to life. The primary duty of this organization was defined as : Reporting government decisions, Parliament legislations, and activities related to Iranian private and public sectors. The new management change on July, 12, 1956 followed some structural reforms. A more professional atmosphere that was necessary for news feeds for the national radio, and public press was created. Two years later, when the national TV was born, a photograph and film archive was added to the agency. Publishing news in English and opening local offices in foreign countries was the next step. The internal rules were strict. Records show that people working for the company could lose their jobs for just one mistake such as : showing up 5 minutes late, using wrong punctuation, or using foreign phrases instead of Persian.
After the regime change in 1979, the agency changed to IRNA. There are currently more than 20 official news agencies operating in Iran such as ISNA, ILNA, FARS, MEHR, etc....

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