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Spartans Crushed At Thermopylae... 10/08/480BC History, #Achaemenid, #Anatolia, #Athens, #Dariush, #Greek, #Hydarnes, #Iranian, #Leonidas, #Persian, #Sardis, #Thermopylae, #Xerxes

After 3 days of intensive fight at a narrow pass along the coast called Thermopylae, Iranian mountain troops leaded by Hydarnes composed of 1,000 units succeeded to bypass the passage and showed up on the rear of the Spartans. The Persians, leaded by Xerxes I were easily able to outflank them. The Spartans leaded by king Leonidas showed great courage and bravery by resisting in front of the enormous Persian army and being killed till the last soldier. After this victory, Iranians captured Athens. Xerxes I fulfilled what his father Dariush the great had been preparing for before his death. The Greek had been meddling in Achaemenid empire's affairs and sometimes incited revolts in Anatolia. The city of Athens was burnt in revenge for a similar act: In 498 BC the Athenians captured and had burnt Sardis, the headquarters of local Persian government....

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