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Khaghan Shabeh of China killed... 28/11/588 History, #Bactra, #Bahram_Chubin, #China, #Chinese, #Hormoz, #Iran, #Khaghan, #Naftandaz, #Sassanid, #Shabeh, #Tisfun

Khaghan of China had invaded Iran with 300,000 soldiers with elephant units and had stationed in Bactra. Hormoz, the Sassanid king gathered military elites in Tisfun. Army general Bahram Chubin was chosen to counter the attack. Bahram gathered 12,000 of his best men, each with 3 horses and headed fast towards north-east through the desert of Kavir so that the Chinese were not aware of his approach. Knowing that they easily outnumber Iranians, Khaghan Shabeh did not worry when he heard them approach and prepared for war. This was the first time Naftandaz which was a new invention resembling a catapult throwing arrows of fire used as a weapon which soon created disorder among the Chinese army. Arrow men version of today's snipers were ordered to target elephants' eyes to create chaos among the enemy lines. Meanwhile Bahram and 2000 top cavalries attacked Khaghan's headquarters directly. Surprised by this attack, Khaghan tried to escape but he was killed and his son became captive. The war lasted for only one day and with the proportion of the two armies, it's considered one important case study where simply patriotism and technology overrides basic military calculations....

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