China now has more billionaires than the United States

China now has more billionaires than the United States ... 17/10/2015 Economy

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By Olivia Niland
2 hours ago
For the first time, there are now more billionaires in China than in the United States.
The country boasts 596 billionaires, up 242 from last year, having added an astonishing five new billionaires each week in the past year, according to the 2015 Hurun Rich List. By comparison, there are 537 billionaires in the United States.
"China is now officially the most exciting country in the world for entrepreneurship. Just look at the sheer numbers of top entrepreneurs, eclipsing the US for the first time in its history," Rupert Hoogewerf, Hurun Report chairman and chief researcher, said in the report. "The China Century seems to have started earlier than many expected, although it will be a few years more before China overtakes the US in terms of GDP."
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That gap between the two country's billionaires increases even more when Greater China — Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao are added in — bringing the total to 715.
China's new wealthiest resident is 61-year-old Wang Jianlin, the chairman of real estate developer Wanda
China's new wealthiest resident is 61-year-old Wang Jianlin, the chairman of real estate developer Wanda, who beat out the previous title-holder, 51-year-old Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, after Wang more than doubled his wealth this year to $34 billion.
Six top-earners on the list are self-made billionaires in their 30s. All told, China's Rich List includes the country's wealthiest 1,877 inhabitants. To make the list, one had to be worth more than $310 million. A staggering 95% of those on the list are self-made millionaires or billionaires.
Women made up 20% of the list, a small increase from last year, and 188 of China's richest people were under 40.
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The country's total wealth is now $2.1 trillion, more than the total GDP of countries including Russia and India, according to the report. IT, manufacturing and real estate were among the country's most prosperous industries in the past year.
Here are the top 10 wealthiest people in China:

Wang Jianlin, 61

* * * Chairman, Wanda
$34.4 billion
Image: CHINATOPIX/Associated Press

Jack Ma, 51
Founder and chairman, Alibaba
$22.7 billion
Image: Vincent Yu/Associated Press

* * *
Zong Qinghou, 70
Chairman and CEO, Wahaha
$21.1 billion
Image: Imaginechina/Associated Press

* * *
Pony Ma Huateng, 44
Founder and CEO, Tencent
$18.8 billion
Image: Imaginechina/Associated Press

* * *
Lei Jun, 46
Founder, Xiaomi Technology
$14.4 billion
Image: Ng Han Guan/Associated Press

* * *
Yan Hao, 29
CEO, China Pacific Construction
$14.2 billion
Image: Pacific Construction

* * *
Robin Li Yanhong, 46
Chairman and CEO, Baidu
$13.3 billion
Image: Imaginechina/Associated Press

* * *
Lu Zhiqiang, 63
$13 billion
Image: Imaginechina/Associated Press

* * *
Zhang Jindong, 52
Founder and president, Suning
$12.7 billion
Image: Imaginechina/Associated Press

* * *
Lu Guanqiu, 69
Founder and chairman, Wanxiang
$10.2 billion
Image: Imaginechina/Associated Press

* * *
Yan Bin, 61
Founder, Reignwood
$10.2 billion
Image: Imaginechina/Associated Press

* * *

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