Ramazan Mobarak! Persian Dates SALE; Fresh Dates From Iran | Iran Import-Export Services

Ramazan Mobarak! Persian Dates SALE; Fresh Dates From Iran | Iran Import-Export Services...
clearances.ir 15/06/2015 Commercial

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Happy Ramadan: Ramazan Mobarak!
Ramazan is the holy month of fasting from dawn to dusk. The month of Ramadan is the most superior month in Islamic Lunar Calendar.
Today, wei pray that: Happiness be at ur door
May it knock early, Stay late & leave the gift of Allah's peace,love,joy & good health behind.

Ramazan SALE!
High Quality Mazafati Dates of Bam: 99c / kg only
Limited Time Offer.

Original Mazafati dates of Iran (Semi-Dried Date, Fresh Date)
Bam Mazafati Dates of Persia
Min.Order Quantity: 10 Kilogram/Kilograms
Supply Ability: 10 Ton/Tons per Month
Port: Bandar Abbas/ Bandar Anzali / Tehran Airport
Payment Terms: T/T
Product: Mazafati Date
Origin: Iran
Cultivation: Common
Style: Semi Dried/ Fresh
Grade: A & B
Dates Type:
1. Mazafati Date
2. Sayer Date
3. Kebkab Date
4. Piarom Date
5. Zahedi Date
6. Shahani Date
7. Chopped Date
8. Pitted Date
9. Date’s Pit

Iran is the Second country in terms of producing Date (dried and Semi Dried). And is the top exporter of Palm Dates.
Cultivation of Date Palms is popular in 4 different states in Iran: 1- Hormozgan 2- Bushehr 3- Khoozestan 4- Sistan o Baloochestan
In all above mentioned State Kerman got the first rank in producing dates & pistachios. Karmas co. having large connections with main pistachio growers in Kerman( Sirjan, Rafsanjan, Zarand and Anar) is ready to supply you all types of pistachio with the best quality in all quantities.
We pack the products as you request but normally we pack the Dates as following:
Dates in Bulk: 10-12 kg carton boxes/ 50kg poly bags for dried dates (Zahedi, Piarom)
Dates in retail Pack: 800 grams carton box. 12 small box into 1 mother box.
For now Karmas is cooperating with 2 big shipping companies. The delivery is 2-3 weeks after payment.
Free Sampling:
Karmas provides its customers with free and fast sampling with ARAMEX post.
Besides providing the Iranian standard organization mark on our products we can also provide SGS certification of quality.
Q: What is the minimum quantity of the orders?
A: Despite many other people Karmas believe that even small customers can make big businesses in the future, so the minimum quantity (MOQ) that we supply is 10kg. It’s necessary to say that the prices are more expensive for smaller quantities, the only reason is the surcharges which is same whether a customer order 1 container or 500kg
Q: What is our supply ability?
A: It really depends on the time. For Dates we can supply 10 MT/mo. But if there will be an urgent inquiry, the customer should check with us because we need to check our warehouse too.
The month of Ramadan is a happy occasion; it is the month that the Muslim holy book, the Koran, was revealed to our Prophet Muhammad. Muslims are called by their religion to celebrate the month by coming together in worship, fasting each day for thirty days from dawn until sunset.
Here, some Arabic greetings of blessing and their tranlation:
"Kul 'am wa enta bi-khair!"
("May every year find you in good health!")

"Eid Mubarak!"
("Blessed Eid!")

"Eid Saeed!"
("Happy Eid!")

"Taqabbala Allahu minna wa minkum."
("May Allah accept from us, and from you.")

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