Happy Bahmangan: good thoughts, good words, good deeds

Happy Bahmangan: good thoughts, good words, good deeds ...
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Happy Bahmangan everyone.
Jashn-e Bahmangan also called Bahmanjeh Feast is one of ancient Iranian Festivities celebrated in the month of Bahman, the 11th month of Persian Solar Year. According to the old Zoroastrian calendar, every day of the month had a name; when name day of the month coincides with the name of the same month, then a feast was held. In this case, it’s the Bahman day of the month of Bahman; the 11th Iranian month (Bahman-rooz), the second day of Bahman. Some people suggest that Bahmangan falls on the 26th of the month of DAY (Jan, 16) however; in Official Iranian calendar it is 22nd.
Bahman is also the name of one of the archangels of Zoroastrianism which is called Vohiiman or Vohumana in Avesta; meaning good thought (mind). This angel protects useful animals. In ancient Iran, festivities to celebrate the day took place among common people as well as royals and noblemen. The festival is recorded by many authors including Biruni, Gardizi, Asadi Tusi, Anwari etc. According to Biruni and Gardizi, in Khorasan, an assortment of all sorts of grain, vegetables, and fruits were cooked together in the pot during the Bahmanagan festivities. People cooked this food; treated each other to it and also this special food was sold at the Bazaar.

Bahmangan Greeting Card of 1392

* * * Respecting Bahman, as the angel protecting cattle, people do not eat meat on this day. According to Gardizi, the flowers of the plant named the red-Bahman were mixed with fresh milk. He further continues that the people believed it to beneficial for the memory as well to keep away the evil eye (Nazar). It was usual to wear new clothes for this festival. Today, the modern day Zoroastrian-Iranian festival of Bahmanrooz continues to be a holy day for Zoroastrians of Iran. Bahman Plant: This plant is the same as the equivalent modern Persian term Zardak-e Sahrayi, which blooms in the month of Bahman. It has a red or white root. Since it was a medical plant, it is mentioned in Arabic medical texts from which it passed into Latin and in the form béhen into French. Two varieties, béhen rouge and béhen blanc, are found and still used in medicine. In some cities in Greater Iran, Bahmangan is celebrated as Fathers’ day. In this ceremony, participants stand side by side, join hands and recite prayers.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne: The future is created through our past thoughts, words and actions. The future is the reaping of the seeds that we have sown in the past, whether those seeds are good seeds or bad. Each sustained thought, every word we utter, and every action we take is a seed we will reap in our future. To create a beautiful future, make as many of your thoughts as possible good ones, speak good and kind words, and make sure your actions come from goodness. Your future depends upon it.

* * * May Bahmangan bring all of us good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.
Mir Masood Hosseini


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