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Transportation Industry Magnets... 06/01/2015 Commercial

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Promotional Transportation Magnets
Model transportation_magnets

Truck U-haul Transportation Magnets

* * * Automobile Shape MAGNETS produces magnets specially designed and shaped to appeal customers of the food and transportation industry.

Auto-Shaped Magnets by Iran Magnam helps you keep your message in front of your clients.

Promotional Auto Sales Magnets

* * * Transportation magnets are adverting tools designed by to promote services and brands in the transport industry.
Bus shaped magnets promoting city-bus or cross country travel, school bus magnets, ceremonial buses, bus for rent magnets, ceremonial coaches, bus schedule magnets, tour bus rentals. Designer luxury bus magnets, city-link bus timetable, city to city bus bookings for travel agencies, minibus for sale, minibus rentals & ceremonial omnibus and coach shaped magnets for weddings, etc.

Jet Airplane Airliner Promotional Magnet

* * * Truck-shaped magnets by Magnam also featuring minivan magnets, Magnam motor vehicle magnets, transport cargo, lorry for transportation companies, shipping firms. Long vehicle shaped magnets stick to the dashboard and metal surfaces.
Airplane shaped magnets are designed to promote commercial airlines, air-shipping companies, international air-couriers. Children, especially boys love Magnam refrigerator magnets and use them for a long time as aero-plane toys or for decoration purposes. Jet plane fridge magnets may also be applicable in promotion and advertising pilot training, airports, airways and top-gun military courses.


* * * Car magnets, taxi magnets, Uber magnetic stickers are all related to automobile related businesses and services such as auto exhibitions, car galleries, auto repair shops, taxicab companies, gas-stations magnets, wheel-shaped tire-shop magnets, car-wash stations, rent-a-car magnets, share-a-ride and carpool agencies.

Buy Colorful Magnetic White Board Notepad Marker and Pens at

* * * ---Auto Shape MAGNETS produces magnets specially designed and shaped to appeal customers of the Transportation industry.---
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