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Hyundai Rotem signs $856m rail contract with Iran ... 07/12/2017 Economy
South Korean firm Hyundai Rotem has signed a €720m rail contract with the Railways of Islamic Republic of Iran and Iranian Rail Industries Development...View Details»

Riyadh condemns 15 for spying for Tehran in trial Amnesty slams as tra... 07/12/2016 Military
RIYADH/TEHRAN – A court in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday sentenced 15 people to death and several others to prison terms in a case involving an alleged Iran...View Details»

Head to Inglewood for 'Persia in Perth' this Saturday ... 07/12/2016 Culture
“Persia in Perth” is the name of a market occurring once every two months in different locations around Perth. The main focus of this fair is introdu...View Details»

Dec. 14, Persian cuisine debuts in Paso Robles ... 07/12/2016 Cuisine
December 6, 2016 by Staff Writer Jordan Elgrably *** Persian-style chicken shishkabob. New owners at Su Casa feature dishes from Iran – New owners who...View Details»

‘Persian carries rich heritage of region’ | Pakistan ... 07/12/2016 Arts
By Hassan Zaidi December 07, 2016 Asia history conference Dean says QAU will not turn out court historians Islamabad: Persian carries a considerable a...View Details»

Taste of Tehran provides wide range of Persian dishes ... 07/12/2016 Cuisine
By Andrew Warner Posted: December 6, 2016 Finding a delicious gem of a restaurant in Los Angeles can be difficult amongst the city’s hundreds of dinin...View Details»

Saudi Arabia to execute 15 people over spying for Iran ... 07/12/2016 Military
Saudi Arabia has sentenced at least 15 people to death accused of leaking details on the Saudi military and national security to Iran. The majority o...View Details»

Instagram models incarcerated in Iran... 07/12/2016 Military
*** Elham Arab was charged in May with "promoting Western promiscuity" (Image: Instagram) Iran has jailed 12 fashion bloggers and social media models...View Details»

Helicopter crash kills 2 in Tehran ... 07/12/2016 Auto
*** The wreckage of a crashed helicopter is hoisted out of Chitgar Lake in Tehran, Iran, December 6, 2016 (Photo by Tasnim News Agency) Two people hav...View Details»

Why Do Many Countries' Names End in "-stan," and Home Country Designat... 07/12/2015 Culture
Chris G. asks: Why are there so many countries that have a name that ends in stan? I was also wondering why we call people from many countries the nam...View Details»