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Iran's Water Crisis ... 10/11/2016 Nature
It is hard to imagine life without access to sufficient quantities of fresh water, but in some parts of the world, particularly the Middle East, that ...View Details»

The Paris Agreement will survive President Trump... 10/11/2016 Nature
*** A solar power installation at the COP22 venue in Marrakech Pic: Flickr/UNclimatechange) Donald Trump is a disaster for the climate, but clever dra...View Details»

US loyal to Iran deal ‘through Jan. 20’ ... 10/11/2016 Politics
*** US President Barack Obama (R) leaves together with Vice President Joe Biden after he addressed the nation publicly for the first time since the sh...View Details»

Iran Starts Long-Delayed Production At Major Field ... 10/11/2016 Fun
*** Iranians visiting the palace of King Darius in the ancient Persian city of Persepolis near Shiraz in southern Iran in September 2014. The Islamic ...View Details»

Iran Starts Long-Delayed Production At Major Field ... 10/11/2016 Economy
By Irina Slav - Nov 09, 2016, 9:32 AM CST Iran has announced the launch of production at the North Yaran field, which it shares with Iraq, after years...View Details»

TALA GOLZAR an Iranian American model, fashion designer, television ho... 10/11/2015 People
Tala Golzar (born feb 10,1989) is an Iranian American model, fashion designer, television host, TV commercial actress and an occasional painter. She w...View Details»

Iranian Movie Close-Up: In-depth Asian movie reviews | The Asian Cinem... 10/11/2014 Fun
Posted by Mohamed Sultan Close-Up (کلوزآپ ، نمای نزدیک) Director: Abbas Kiarostami Written: Abbas Kiarostami Country: Iran Year: 1990 In the beginning...View Details»

Libya’s lesson for Iran: Beware of rapprochement | Middle East Eye... 10/11/2014 Politics
Dan Glazebrook Monday 10 November 2014 Britain and the US used the so-called “rapprochement” with Gaddafi’s Libya to cultivate a fifth column and prep...View Details»

​Iran test-flies 1st US drone replica — RT News... 10/11/2014 Military
An Iranian copy of a US reconnaissance drone captured in 2011 has carried out its first flight, and the Revolutionary Guards have declared the test a ...View Details»

Why Thousands Of People Are Willing To Die On Mars | Popular Science... 10/11/2014 Science
More than 200,000 aspiring space explorers have volunteered for a one-way trip to Mars. Are they insane? By Daniel Engber Posted 11.06.2014 Bas Lans...View Details»