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Women attacked for trying to watch football match in Iran... 12/06/2019 Sports
By Maya Oppenheim As the Women’s World Cup kicks off, female football fans in Iran’s capital have been attacked by security guards for trying to wat...View Details»

After North Korea, Trump now wants a 'real deal' with Iran ... 12/06/2018 Politics
After meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump said that he'd soon like a "real deal" with Iran. His comments com...View Details»

Now, a Persian Parable for Nigeria... 12/06/2016 History
By: Tatalo Alamuon: June 12, 2016In: Tatalo Alamu *** Achaemenid Empire: Persian-King Cyrus-the-Great Cylinder Founder-of-Iran Human-Rights-Chapter (...View Details»

UK warships failing in Persian Gulf heat ... 12/06/2016 Military
Sun Jun 12, 2016 5:21PM *** UK Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer HMS Diamond A number of UK warships deployed to the Persian Gulf are constantly breaking d...View Details»

Iran produces trans-fat-free oil... 12/06/2014 Cuisine
Researchers at Tehran’s Sharif University of Technology have produced trans-fat-free oil. Iran Alamzadeh, the project manager, said hydrogenatio...View Details»

Cafu Backs Iran to Beat Argentina ... 12/06/2014 Sports
TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Former Brazilian footballer Marcos Evangelista de Moraes, better known as Cafu, believes that Iran will defeat Argentina in the 2014...View Details»

Obama's Spiritual Adviser Says He Relayed Message From Iran... 12/06/2014 Politics
Mia Bush Last updated on: June 12, 2014 1:00 PM Spiritual diplomacy has emerged between Washington and Tehran. Back from a recent visit to Iran, U.S...View Details»

US airstrikes to support Iranian Revolutionary Guard's offensive in Ir... 12/06/2014 Military
Iran deployed its Revolutionary Guard to help Iraq battle insurgents from a group inspired by Al-Qaeda, according to a recent report. In the meantime,...View Details»

Iran says it is redesigning Arak reactor to cut plutonium capacity| Re... 12/06/2014 News
(Reuters) - Iran is "busy redesigning" a planned research reactor to sharply cut its potential output of plutonium - a possible nuclear bomb fuel, a s...View Details»

Senior Iranian Negotiator: Talks with US Team Tough, Intensive, Positi... 12/06/2014 News
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister and senior negotiator in talks with the world powers Seyed Abbas Araqchi said his recent talks with US d...View Details»